Management Consulting

We help businesses to enhance their strategy and operations and work with them one step at a time to improve their overall performance. We do this primarily through the analysis of their existing organization and the development of plans for improvement. We work very closely with our clients, observing their operations, and enlisting feedback directly from their customers, suppliers, and employees. We also find and implement opportunities to generate more sales, cut costs from operations, and improve cash flow. Additionally, we work to efficiently implement and monitor the changes we recommend via performance metrics systems that we design to help entrepreneurs effectively manage the key activities of their businesses after our job is done.

Entrepreneurial Program Design & Facilitation

We offer entrepreneurial design and facilitation services to area innovation centers, business development centers, and technical assistance providers that support pre-start, start-up, and established businesses. We work with each client to tailor their program offering from start to finish and to create the experience they want for their cohorts of entrepreneurs. Our services include applicant recruitment and selection, curriculum design, weekly facilitation of all program sessions, and the evaluation of the program with the project sponsor.

Our Signature TLE Pre-Accelerator Program

The TLE pre-accelerator program is our 12-week entrepreneurial program offering where participants conduct primary and secondary market research to not only validate the need for their offering in the marketplace but also develop a solid business model from their findings that succinctly demonstrates how they plan to make money from their offering.

Over the course of the program, participants are introduced to the methodology of building a solid business model and engage in interactive field work both in and outside of the classroom to further substantiate the features of their product or service and their value proposition, their ideal target customer/s and competitive advantage, their pricing and profitability model, and their go-to- market strategy for their business concepts. Participants are assigned a coursework mentor that works alongside the program facilitator to develop a solid launch or growth plan for their ventures.

Those who have successfully completed the program are also referred to a partner accelerator program to execute their launch/growth plans and further develop their businesses. The program is geared towards a maximum cohort size of twelve entrepreneurs, and with a mix of pre-start, startup, and early stage businesses per cohort.

If you are a technical assistance provider, innovation center, business development center, or other private entity, and are interested in having us conduct our pre-accelerator program at your facility or provide any of our other services, please contact Tricia D. Young (formerly Young-Shaw) at